Hyper Converged offers customers a simpler more consolidated approach to computing and storage. The only problem is knowing where to start. SnowCap Technologies sales and engineering teams are experts in many hyper converged systems.

Hyper Converged makes it easy to implement and manage your storage and compute environments. This is done slightly different by each vendor. It’s key to understand your business objectives, and identify what is important to your internal IT team. SnowCap can evaluate what your business needs are and help select the best hyper converged offering tailored to your organizations needs.



Disasters come in many different flavors. Being prepared requires baking business continuity into all aspects of IT architecture and operations. At SnowCap, we take this very seriously and work with our clients to make sure business continuity is considered as part of any technology solution.

The SnowCap team can help your organization develop a complete business continuity strategy. Business continuity is not just replication or Backup, it’s how all business processes and technologies come together to help achieve your business objectives. SnowCap partners with many enterprise hardware and software manufacturers to enable your organization to meet all Backup and Recovery Service Level Agreements. Let SnowCap help craft the right solution for you.



Cloud computing can mean many things, depending on who you talk to, and is often very confusing to the end user. At SnowCap we specialize in helping customers with their journey to the cloud, whether it be private, public or hybrid. Cloud Computing can be as simple as a small hyper-visor based environment hosted at your facility, also known as “private cloud”, or as complicated as a full hybrid cloud with on-premise and off-premise workloads.

Whatever your version of cloud is, SnowCap can help you develop a strategy and solution around your business needs. Let SnowCap help guide you in the right direction. Contact a SnowCap representative today!



In today’s fast paced work environment users want to be connected at all times. They often have many devices, both personal and corporate. IT organizations typically struggle with how to implement wireless infrastructure and security to properly govern access to data. Providing guests with adequate access to the outside world can present its own challenges. Often times it can be tough to sift through the mountain of vendors and software add-on’s. There are a lot of great options out there, let SnowCap help you choose the right one.