The New MySnowCap Renewal Tracker is Now LIVE!

Managing renewals couldn’t be easier! With the MySnowCap renewal tracker, you no longer have to worry about updating tedious spreadsheets, shuffling though old emails or letting renewals “slip through the cracks”. The renewals team here at SnowCap has taken the time to input all of your current and future hardware and software maintenance contracts into an easy to use platform that will ensure all support remains current. 

Some highlighting features of this tool are:

• One centralized database for all service contracts
• Flexible search options for past, current, and future renewals
• Direct downloadable quotes
• Transitioning outside contracts into the SnowCap portal
• Exporting data into excel spreadsheet
• Proactive email alerts (optional)

The MySnowCap Renewal tracker is free to our valued customers. Contact us today to request a demo!